Why Choose Handmade Soaps?

Handcrafted soaps are artisanal products, generally created in small batches by handcrafters. Unlike commercial products, handcrafters have the opportunity to create highly unique products using ingredients tailored to the needs of their customers. Commercial products often contain some or all synthetic detergents as well as fillers which dilute the actual soap content. Most even remove the glycerin, a natural moisturizing byproduct in handmade soap, then sell it to other industries where it is used in pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and other products. The result is a detergent that can be harsh, irritating, or drying to your skin.

Handcrafted soap is a blend of both science and art. As a science, soapmaking follows the laws of chemistry. As an art, the creativity through the unique combination of colors, scents, shapes, sizes, formulations is boundless. Even though there are only a few types of soap and a limited number of common soap ingredients, handmade soaps are unrivaled by any mass-produced commercial product in beauty, creativity, and gentleness on your skin. Even a quick glance at any soap gallery makes it clear that soapmakers put their own touch on their signature products making them individual and unique.

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